Posted: September 17th, 2017

Pigeon's Unique Homing Ability

I want my paper to focus on pigeons unique ability to home.

The final paper will consist of a 1500 word APA style literature review of a chosen topic in the area of animal behavior.You must have at least 5 GOOD sources (peer reviewed journal articles or published book chapters only).A literature review consists of the presentation and discussion of the current literature on a given topic. You may focus your paper on either a specific (or set of) behavior/s (e.g., breeding behavior) that is/are generalized to a number of species, or a (or set of) behavior/s that pertain to a specific species. For an example of a literature review, please see the introduction section to the example provided.

You should focus on current research in the area, while also using information from older sources (both articles and books), making sure to 1) describe the behavior, 2) discuss the purpose of the behavior, and 3) discuss literature on the evolution of the behavior.

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