Posted: September 17th, 2017

Placement report

Placement report

Assessment requirements
A written report (3000 words)
A written report comprising a critical analysis of your personal and professional
skills (of approximately 3,000 words) which draws together relevant sections of
the reflective learning journal and evidences application of learning to date,
which includes
an analysis of the host company, with reference to relevant
market levels and competitors. You should include all relevant visuals within
the report and correctly reference these. You should consider the layout,
choice of font, and overall visual communica
tion of the document. The report
must be s
ubmitted digitally via Turnitin.
(100 words)
A si
mple introduction to the report. An overview of your responsibilities
and where you
have the placement.
Description of the company and brand philosophy
(350 words)
Consider market level

are there sub

brands within the one company,
where are they
what is their philosophy, do they have an ethical
Roles and responsibilities
(350 words)
A discussion of who runs the company and the hierarchy (if any) of the
key staff roles.
Provide as much information as possible of who does what.
ply chain
(700 words)
How is sampling and production managed, who does the sales/PR,
where are the
Company practice
(700 words)
How are the departments run? Talk about the design process

areas do you think
need improvement and which a
reas are well run and why?
Personal responsibility and learning
(500 words)
This is essentially your opportunity to discuss what your roles were within
the company and
how they have helped you engage with the industry and
develop your learning skills. Th
is will be the equivalent of the personal and
professional development (PPD) within the report, but must also look outwards
to the company/industry.
(300 words)
Evaluate the whole experience of the placement: successes;
weaknesses; how you fee
l it
was run; how you think it has helped you.

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