Posted: September 17th, 2017

Planning Process



Prepare a research paper on one of the following topics:



 Sustainable cities – Sustainability initiatives in cities such as Vancouver, Portland, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Singapore



 Paper length should be between 3,000 words



o use case study of a city to identify key planning/urban design ideas being implemented and planning issues the city faces  


o review key planning and urban design principles from literature review and apply them to your case study areas



 Conduct a critical analysis of planning ideas and issues rather than just describing them, for example:


o Do you think the ideas, projects or polices are practical or relevant?


o What are some of the ideas’ strengths and weaknesses?


 Include relevant maps/photographs/diagrams where possible to support your discussion and analysis


 Include a cover page with the title of paper and an appropriate image relating to the theme of the paper


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