Posted: September 17th, 2017

Poetry Analysis

From the book “From Totems to Hip Hop: A Multicultural Anthology of Poetry Across the Americas 1900-2002” by Ishmael Reed, on page 49, the poem Chicago by Sandburg, do the following: what specific thought-provoking ideas

centered around either the issue of identity or self-perception. What do you think is the main message

conveyed around one of these central issues, and how do the poem’s details and literary elements

(diction/tone, imagery, figurative language, symbols, etc.) help to reveal this message? Write an essay in

which you analyze the poem’s specific details and literary devices to help you support your ideas about this


Things you need to pay attention to:

• an original and insightful thesis statement that highlights the particular issue that the poem raises

• accurate use of information (specifics, details, quotes, etc.) from the poem to support your ideas

• insightful and sophisticated analysis and discussion of the poem’s literary elements and details

(Show your depth in your insight!)

• development of your own ideas with coherent and clear explanations

• unity (Ideas, thoughts, analysis, reactions and so forth must always directly connect to your thesis.)

• coherence (Use transitions to link ideas between your paragraphs and within your paragraphs.)

• organization (Ideas must follow a logical organizational pattern. Ideas shouldn’t jump around.)

• clarity and presentation—word usage, sentences, logic, format, structure and so on

• editing and correctness—essay should be error-free (spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, etc.)

• accurately/correctly cited quotes and Work Cited page (MLA format)

• an original and creative title for your essay

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