Posted: April 7th, 2015

Police training and culture

Police training and culture

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1) Read the article/book chapter in detail and highlight those sections where the author is making their main points. Look carefully at the introduction, the opening sentences of each paragraph and the points made in the conclusion. Note each different point that is made and the evidence/arguments that the author uses to support their claims. These notes will provide you with a summary outline.

2) Provide a citation of the work at the top of the page. Please make sure that you cite the work correctly. In this unit the required formatting for citations is SAGE Harvard. There is a link to the SAGE Harvard guide up on the iLearn page in the assessments section. Ask your tutor if you need any clarification about this.

3) Restate in your own words the main points that the author is making, as well as the arguments/evidence that they have used to support their claims. Go into an appropriate level of detail and use your summary outline as a guide.

4) Once you have completed a detailed summary of the article, it is time to express your opinion about the validity of the work. Critically reflect on the piece to determine the following: what are its strengths and limitations? Does the author make a convincing argument(s) or not? Are they showing bias? If so, how is this expressed? Are there any significant omissions or things that could be improved?

Please use this journal article for reference, “Bradley, D 2009, ‘Education and Training’ in A Wakefield & J Fleming (eds) The Sage Dictionary of Policing, Sage, London, pp. 100-102.”

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