Posted: September 17th, 2017

Popol Vuh

Popol Vuh

answers are complete and are your OWN. I recommend NOT to use secondary sources in your exam/essay rather demonstrate YOUR OWN understanding of the text.  Check spelling and grammar and make sure you employ formal written English to complete the essay.**

Read the question below, formulate a thesis in response to the prompt, and write an ESSAY defending it in about 2 pages (single spaced, Ms word, point 12, Times New Roman).  In addition to the content, your essay will be graded on organization, support, range of reference, and the mechanics of writing.  Be specific and add plenty of examples to support your point of view.

1.    The Popol Vuh translates as “Council Book,” and initially recounts the Creation story using many agricultural allusions and etiologicakl myths. Discuss.

Book used for course:
Title:                  Norton Anthology of Wold Literature -Volume A, B and C
Author:                Puchner, Martin
Edition:                3RD 12,
Publisher:              W.W. Norton & Co.
10 digit ISBN:          0-393-93365-2
13 digit ISBN:          978-0-393-93365-9.

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