Posted: January 30th, 2015

Acute Care for Patients in Hypo-volemic Shock


his is the abstract poster , the poster expanding on the points presented in this abstract.
The template is attached in this email choose one of them ,follow it please.
this is the abstract poster , the poster expanding on the points presented in this abstract.
Poster Abstract
Acute Care for Patients in Hypo-volemic Shock
Shock is a major threat to a patient’s life and requires instantaneous and intensive management to save the life of the person. The hallmark of shock is the setting in of cardiovascular failure leading to inadequate perfusion of vital body organs, depriving them of oxygen (Shorter, 2013). Hypovolemic shock is caused by severe haemorrhage, or dehydration.
Patients suffering from hypovolemic shock require immediate treatment and close monitoring because their conditions can rapidly worsen. The most crucial goal in managing shock is to stabilize the client, that is, to restore circulatory volume and sufficiency.
Target Audience
This abstract aims at providing a quick reference source for specifically nurses, other health

Reference List

Kollef, M. H., & Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.). (2008). The Washington manual of critical care. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Shorter, E. (2013). Shock Therapy: The History of Electroconvulsive Treatment in Mental Illness. Rutgers Univ Pr.

Helpful Hints for the Poster Presentation
The target audience for your poster presentation is experienced Registered Nurses.
• The topic is focused on evidence based acute care nursing. Due to the restrictions
of a poster, take care to ensure your topic is not too broad.
the poster expanding on the points presented in this abstract. The poster will need to clearly outline the specific strategies, knowledge and skills that are briefly mentioned. You also need to clearly articulate the implications for practice. Poster needs to educate, inform and influence nursing practice of experienced RN’s. Your poster will need to present current best practice guidelines and strategies to identify, assess, manage this issue with rationales based on the best available evidence.
At the presentation, I am expected to be organised, well-informed about your topic and provide articulate responses.
• you must appropriately acknowledge all sources of information, including images.
• to produce an effective poster you require nothing more complex than Microsoft
Office programs or similar (Word or Power Point)
Poster presentation demonstrates clear alignment to intent of poster abstract
• Demonstrates strong and succinct expansion of main points of poster abstract within presentation. *Poster demonstrates an astutely applied and comprehensive knowledge of the topic/project
• Can accurately and comprehensively respond to all questions thus demonstrating a high-level knowledge of the poster topic/project.
• Content and depth of presentation/poster demonstrates strong ability to educate and inform the professional development of intended audience.
You need to be sure that there are no copy write issues. If you use an image from the web, you must ensure you reference it appropriately
Useful Readings:
Lawson, G 2005, The poster presentation: An exercise in effective communication,
Journal of vascular nursing, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 157-158


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