Posted: September 17th, 2017

powerful communication – reflection journal 4

one page reflection journal, following my pervious 3 week( i will upload) reflection journal to finish this one.

Complete the Self Assessment for the following sections of the attached self-assessment tool: Oral Communication. (You should use the Excel file saved to your computer and complete your self-assessments in your own file each week as you build a comprehensive self-assessment of your overall capabilities and areas for opportunity in leadership communications.)

Based on your self-assessment and score for this wee’ks sections, develop one to two pages (250 to 500 words) and articulate the following:
•Public speaking tends to be a skill where individuals end up on the extreme ends of the spectrum. They are either very afraid or very comfortable — they either relish or dread the moment of speaking to an audience (be it large or small). Which end of the spectrum are do you land on or are you in the middle?
•Identify your areas of strength in terms of understanding your own ability to use spoken communication and describe how you’ve used this approach effectively (if you have)
•Discuss the areas of opportunity you see in terms of your ability to use spoken communication as a leader. Focus specifically on your greatest areas of opportunity as it relates to this week’s topics
•Identify one or two things you can do to improve — be specific about the steps you will take

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