Posted: September 17th, 2017

Prepare an individual Professional Development Plan (PDP) using the Project Management Competency Assessment Matrix as a starting point

Prepare an individual Professional Development Plan (PDP) using the Project Management Competency Assessment Matrix as a starting point. Use the Team Project as a source of experiential learning for developing your competency.
Select area/s in which you have a particular interest and which you have taken away from the workshop experience in which you will develop your learnings.
The emphasis on this reflective learning assignment is to demonstrate how you are able to apply the tools you have been given in the workshop.
The PDP will:
 Show how you will develop your project management competencies in the future
 Include the subjects that you intend to study and the work experience to will need to gain to meet your goals
 Include a GAP analysis – this means reflect on how your assessment of competency (as shown in the Matrix) compares to an industry competency standard. Gap analysis will compare the Project Management Competency Assessment Matrix and one of the known standards, e.g. IPMA, AIPM, PMI or GAPPS. Choose a standard that is relevant to your industry sector. For example use an accounting standard if your PDP objective is related to this sector.
The GAP analysis will:
 Determine the scope of your PDP and define your development goals.
 Indicate project management competency at this stage in your development.
 Identify the scope, the costs and time required with achieving your objective.
 Include other project management knowledge areas as appropriate.
 Show expenditure to-date, progress against schedule and the scope achieved as a demonstration of competencies achieved in this unit.
 Describe your management of risk, quality and procurement you will undertake to undertaken during this unit of study.
 Reflect on the team behaviours, effectiveness of communications and any changes you will make in subsequent units of study.

Refer to your cohort [team members] as part of developing your project management community or practice network. Describe their competencies, their areas of strength and weakness.
Word limit: 2500
Keep the body of the PDP for the essential information. Include the supporting documents as appendices.
Include references to relevant texts formatted in the HARVARD style.

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