Posted: September 18th, 2017

Preventing Drug Problems

Preventing Drug Problems

1. What are your views on prevention of drug problems in Canada? Can it be done? How would you do it? What focus would you give to “supply side” strategies? To “demand side” strategies?

2. (In Canada) What do you think about the social determinants of health – as powerful as they are in determining how people do over the life course, can social policy and political action be effectively directed to improving the determinants of health for Canadians and other around the globe? Is it reasonable to base an approach to preventing problems related to addictive behaviours on the determinants of health model?

Read Mate, Chapters 33-34, Epilogoue, Postscript (387-408), Nutt, Chapter 13, and Cheever (119-128) and Simmie (49-58) in Crozier & Lane.

Required Texts:
1. Crozier, Lorna & Patrick Lane (Editors). (2006). Addicted: Notes from the belly of the beast. 2nd Edition. Vancouver: Greystone Books. ISBN-10: 1553651154
2. Herie, Marilyn & Skinner, Wayne (2010). Substance Abuse in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press. ISBN-10: 0195433874
3. Mate, Gabor (2008). In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close encounters with addiction. Toronto: Knopf Canada. ISBN-10: 0676977413
4. Nutt, David (2012). Drugs without the Hot Air. Cambridge, UK: UIT Cambridge. ISBN-10: 1906860165

Note: This is a discussion assignment, so writer must reflect his/her thoughts by using (I believe, think. agree or disagree) through using the required texts as well as using other references and sources to draw a complete answer. Writer should not only stick to the required texts, he/she can draw their thoughts using different sources and materials (It depends on the question which has been asked). So writer is required to reflect and draw his/her personal opinion in order to answer these questions correctly.

Another Note: This assignment includes 2 parts: both should be answered specifically with no general info; they must be briefed and straight to the point. Each part encompasses different questions which they all have to be answered even with extra words, if needed.

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