Posted: September 17th, 2017

print ad campaign to market

this assignment, each student will select a major national market from a list including Brazil, Australia, Japan, South Africa, France, Germany and Russia. Using available online sources, you will then proceed to investigate the state of advertising in your chosen country as well as its major sociocultural, economic, and regulatory characteristics (which may affect the way companies advertise in that market). Based on this information, you will finally design an appropriate print ad campaign to market, in that chosen country, one of your favorite US-made products (or services).

a Project report in the form of a Power Point (PP) presentation which should include the following sections: (a) Overview of the selected country’s Business Environments–i.e., a brief description of natural/physical, economic, regulatory, and socio-cultural environmental factors, which may affect the design/execution of an ad campaign in that country; (b) Overview of the country’s Advertising Industry–a brief discussion of the state of advertising in the specific country; (c) a detailed description of the intended Target Market for the designed print ad–specific references to the major geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of your intended audience; (d) a thorough discussion of the suggested ad theme (i.e., the “idea” behind the ad) and execution (i.e., specific ad imagery AND ad text “interpreting” this ad theme), and (e) a detailed justification of the various elements of the ad execution on the basis of the unique characteristics of the chosen country and the specific target market the ad is designed to appeal to.


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