Posted: September 18th, 2017

Private Security and Law Enforcement Relationships

Private Security and Law Enforcement Relationships (3 pages including introduction and conclusion + 3 references)
After reading your assignments this week and conducting your own personal research, you will learn that the relationships between private security operatives and public law enforcement have been strained over the years for a variety of reasons. But you will also find that these two groups have begun working together in complementary roles.
1. Explain why it is important for private security and public law enforcement to work together given the various threats being directed at organizational assets in today’s world.
2. While the significance of the relationship between these two professions in jointly combatting threats should not be under estimated, students must understand the continuing barriers between private security and law enforcement.
After reading your assignments and conducting your own personal research, explain the differences and similarities between private security operatives and sworn law enforcement officers in the following areas:
– organizational mission and functions
– operating philosophy
– legal authorities
– clients
– training
3. Finally, respond to the following statement:
“By virtue of their ability to identify and apprehend criminals, former law enforcement officers make effective secuirty managers.”
Be sure to properly list the references used to respond to these questions. Also, please post your responses to the questions by this coming Thursday. This will allow you time to read the posts and engage your colleagues in meaningful discussions regarding the topic for the remainder of the week.

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