Posted: September 17th, 2017

Production of biofuels from microalgae

Literature Review

Biofuels production from Microalgae: Grand Total: 4,000 words

Brief introduction introducing the problem, why is it of interest (climate change, emissions, etc.), and the advantages of microalgae over other feed crops for biofuel production (doesn’t compete with food crops, doesn’t require arable land etc.). Around 500 words

Processes of producing biofuels fuels: Subtotal: 2,500 words

-use charts and graphs and figures when needed

1. Strain selection: parameters, reasons, etc.

2. Cultivation methods: open pond, bioreactors, nutrients required, freshwater vs saline water vs waste water, etc.

3. Brief introduction of harvesting methods

a. Concentrate on Electrolytic methods which are electrolytic coagulation and electrolytic flocculation (sacrificial and non-sacrificial electrodes) (500 words)

b. Concentrate on Bioflocculation (300 words) use “Harvesting techniques applied to microalgae: A review” by Barros et al.

4. Drying methods

5. Algal to biofuel conversation methods include thermochemical, biochemical and so on.

6. By products: animal feed, human nutrition bio fertiliser and so on

Costs related to biofuel production from microalgae: 1000 word

Comparison of costs of different methods

Percentage cost breakdown of each stage of process (cultivation, harvesting, and conversion to biofuel) of final cost of biodiesel. What contributes to the cost of biofuel/biodiesel production?

Use charts/graphs and tables for illustration.


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