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Summative Assessment:
This summative assessment is a 3,500 word essay which requires reflection on a recent situation from your professional practice which presented an ethical dilemma or problem. If you find it difficult to identify an issue from professional practice please contact either your Academic Supervisor or the Module Leader for further guidance.
You can find out who your Academic Supervisor is by going to the Course Contents page and Accessing the `Academic Supervisor List` file.
Aims of the Assessment
The aims of the assessment are:
To give you the opportunity to apply some of the theoretical content of the module to an ethical situation from your own practice
To give you the opportunity to develop skills in using an ethical framework
To give you the opportunity to develop skills in presenting logical and sequential argument as part of ethical decision making.
To demonstrate your understanding of the module content. How Will I Be Assessed?
3 Summative Assessment Overview

The summative assessment is a 3,500 word essay which will be on the student selected practical ethical situation. You are expected to consider the situation, in light of the ethical theories, principles, relevant professional and legal issues the justification of the key ethical arguments, enables demonstration of achievement of the module outcomes.
Reflect on your everyday practice and try to identify a situation which represented an ethical problem or dilemma. The situation may also involve relevant legal and/or professional issues which it may be appropriate to address. It can be something which concerned you personally in your work, or something involving other people at work which was reported to you. If you find it difficult to identify a situation please contact either your Academic Supervisor or the Module Leader.
Contact your academic supervisor to ensure that the situation is suitable for ethical discussion and to consider the particular areas that you want to focus on. The chosen situation can be adapted into a scenario on the basis of the work you have already done for the formative assessment.
Within your essay you should then discuss this scenario from an ethical standpoint taking into account relevant legal and/or professional issues as appropriate and with reference to supporting academic literature. When planning your essay it may be helpful for you to consider the situation in relation to each participant e.g. the nurse, patient, relatives and other healthcare professionals as appropriate. This can help you to see the ethical issues and when combined with an ethical framework e.g. the bioethical principles approach will be helpful in developing your discussion
In your discussion, the bioethical principles as considered during the module should be be applied, and use should also be made of the philosophical theories of deontology, utilitarianism and values-based care as appropriate.
Please ensure that your conclusion is stated clearly. This should summarise the key ethical points addressed in the essay. A brief indication of how this knowledge might influence your future practice should also be provided.
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