Posted: June 12th, 2015

Project 5: Analytical Report

Project 5: Analytical Report

write a analytical report addressing a problem at UMUC or work in a memo format. You may choose any campus or work issue. Focus on a issue, examine possible solutions, make a recommendation to address the issue. You will need to complete some research for this project. Your research will need to examine the current issue and the current system used. You will address your memo to someone who can approve your recommendation. Example: if you choose a UMUC problem, then you could address this report to the chancellor of UMUC.

Your analytical report should be written in a memo format addressed to someone who can fix the problem. You will use a memo format because you are writing an internal document.
Don’t forget to include a purpose statement in your introduction. You will need to state the problem and the purpose of the memo.
Make sure that you have the following headings in your Memo:

Introduction- Give an introduction and include a purpose statement and an advance organizer.
Problem- Define the problem in detail. Also include why this problem needs to be addressed.
Background- provides information about the problem (the current situation) and the seriousness of the problem. You will want to assume that I know nothing about the current situation.
Proposed Solution (s)- Make sure you include details in this section. If you state that UMUC needs more parking, you need to clearly state where additional lots will be places, how many slots each parking lot will provide, and possible costs.
Disadvantages- disadvantages of proposed solutions. This is a section where you can give a purpose statement and give a bulleted list.
Advantages- advantages of proposed solutions. This is a section where you can give a purpose statement and give a bulleted list.
Recommendations- states what solution should implement and argues why. You can recommend short term and long term solutions.

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