Posted: September 18th, 2017

project analysis

Meet with your work group to define the project that will be used for this Assessment Project. The project could be:
• Related to another unit of study, or

• Based on real job roles within your workplace, or

• Based on the case study provided, or

• Related to a simulation provided by your trainer

(If you use the case study provided, select one part of business on which to base your project)

b) Write a description of the project and a summary of the job roles required to complete the project. (If you conduct this project in the workplace, please provide a copy of the relevant position descriptions for the project team.)

c) Develop work plans in consultation with work group. Explain how these work plans link with operational plans of the organisation. (If completing this task in the classroom, your trainer will provide you with a strategic or operational plan)

d) Allocate work to team members in a way that is efficient, cost effective and outcome focused. Report on how you have done this.

e) Develop a set of performance standards and performance indicators for each team member.

f) Meet with team members to discuss performance standards, code of conduct and agree on performance indicators. (Your trainer will provide you with a sample code of conduct.)

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