Posted: September 17th, 2017


The first set of the new product is scheduled to  ship next week as part of a large-scale promotion. Fred, the product engineer, just came to you looking panicked. He was holding the box in which the product is shipped to the home sales representatives. (The packages going to the end-consumers will be inside the boxes.) He pointed out a blatant spelling error in the outer packaging. He is appalled at this error and feels that this will significantly reduce the quality of the product. Henry threatens to take the error to the CEO if you don’t promise him that the error will be fixed before any product is shipped next week.
This is the final packaging; the preliminary designs were signed off by Fred, you, and some others weeks ago. When you looked at those designs, you notice that the same mistake is there and no one caught it. You also notice that the picture used is no longer the most current picture of the product; this is due to some last minute production problems that resulted in some changes to the shape and color of the lids.

You start to write up a discussion document you can bring to your regular status meeting tomorrow afternoon.
Create a Change Document outlining the needed revisions. It should address the following questions:
What is the requested change? (Note: There may be more than one change.)
What is the severity of this change?
How does it impact each of the project parameters (scope, quality, risk, schedule, etc.)?
What are at least 3 possible courses of action?
What are the implications of each course of action?
What is your recommendation?
How will you respond to Henry’s threat?
Also discuss the following deeper issues:
What are the ethical ramifications for you as project manager regarding quality issues in your work or product? (Consider this both toward your client and toward the consumer.)
When could quality issues become legal issues in project management?
How do you, as a project manager, resolve or prevent ethical and legal issues of quality?

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