Posted: September 17th, 2017

Project management


50 points) You’ve been given the following information about the Project Delta. The project started on October 22, 2014 and the project manager asks you for help on assessing its ongoing progress (as completed through November 5, 2014, the current date) by doing the following tasks. For submission, attach the completed MS Project and submit via Canvas upload.

Activity Duration Predecessors Resource % complete

A. Research product 6 – Tom Allen 100

B. Interview customers 4 A Liz Watts 75

C. Design survey 5 A Rich Watkins 50

D. Collect data 4 B, C Gary Sims 0

Now, suppose we assign costs to each of the resources in the following amounts.

Resource Cost

Tom Allen $50/hour

Liz Watts $55/hour

Rich Watkins $18/hour

Gary Sims $12.50/hour

1.1) Using the above project data, enter the various tasks and create a Gantt chart using MS Project. Assign the individuals responsible for each activity and enter the resource cost rate data into the project. Don’t forget to save the baseline!

1.2) Create the Cash flow statement for the project baseline. What is the planned project budget per task?

1.3) Once you have completed the Baseline, update the project information with the percentage complete tool. What does the tracking Gantt Chart look like?

1.4) Originally, the human resources costs are the only planned expenditures. However, in carrying out Task A, research product, a total of $1,500 extra cost was incurred to purchase some research tools. Use MS Project to create an Earned Value report of the most recent project status.

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