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The subject of the paper is Project Management please do read the CASE STUDY BRIEF VERY VERY CAREFULLY IN DETAIL TILL THE END it explains everything about how the assignment has to be done and how the essay report should be presented. Read the case study given and answer the questions given accordingly. please follow the instructions assesment requirements which I will attach and make the essay accordingly.
the main thing are to read the case study attached and answer the following questions given in the form essay. Do not rely on just data given in the instruction brief do look for information on books, journals and on the internet. The Word limit provided excludes the table of contents and the bibliography list which will be attached of the bottom. The 2000 words count starts from Introduction and ends at conclusion.

write more in the aswers of question which has more marks.

Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:-
This module is designed to give students an opportunity to be an individual contributor, working on a project team to define, plan and manage a project. Particular focus is given to hands-on practice of the processes, developing a project plan, and using project management software to build and then present the project team results in class with a debrief of key points.
This module introduces Project Management and identifies the tools and techniques to resolve problems associated with bringing projects in on time and within an established budget. Discussion will include topics such as project scheduling, PERT/CPM, resource levelling, team dynamics and cost estimates. The student will learn how to develop project proposals and project reports
The student will learn the primary elements of Project Management to such an extent that he/she is able to develop a detailed project plan for a small or large- scale project. Additionally, the student will become familiar with negotiation, team building and quantitative estimation skills.
This module also focuses on both the manufacturing and service businesses and the internal and external operations involved at all levels of the supply chain in a global environment. Students will learn how the coordination of all the functions within these operations impacts on the movement and delivery of goods and/or services to the right place at the right time. Emphasis is placed on the importance of adopting a “total systems” approach by the firm and its networks, which enhance the value adding activities of the supply chain and its logistical application to achieve customer satisfaction. The module also demonstrates the strategic importance of developing and implementing comprehensive operations for both these types of business.
1.    Learning Outcomes
Upon the successful completion of the module, the student should be able to:
LO1 – Understand the primary concepts and practices underpinning Project management
LO2 – Be able to devise and implement a project management plan
LO3 – Work effectively within a project team
LO4 – Understand the contexts for project management and project planning in a
localized and/or global context
General instructions for all assignments:
•    Prepare the assignment in a word processor document to upload on to the portal.
•    Your name and student number should be included in the footer of each page of the assignment document, and all pages should be numbered.
•    Start each question (if there are many) on a new page in the document and provide a heading for each question. Paginate your document so that it is neatly presented.
•    The assignment must be submitted on or before the due date specified by the college. There are penalties for late submissions.
•    Collusion and copying are not allowed. Each assignment must be done entirely by you. There are severe penalties for copying and collusion including loss of marks in the assignment, failing the entire subject or dismissal from the course.
•    Outside materials may be used in assignments but all such material must be quoted and referenced if included verbatim. In general you should present your ideas and understanding in your own words.
•    All written or essay type questions in this assignment are to be answered in writing using a word processor. Use a proportionally spaced font such as Times Roman 12 point for normal, essay-type written answers.
•    Referencing: Harvard Style

Case Study
Nestled in the heart of historic Bristol is the city’s iconic Old Fire Station. Built in 1896, the building served as a fire station until 1971 but, despite being home to numerous uses over the decades, has stood empty in recent times. However that’s no longer the case.
Bristol City Council earmarked the 19th Century building for a full revamp – aiming to tackle the problem of homelessness in the city and provide a home for the arts. Working alongside homeless charity Crisis, the city council appointed Allen Construction Consultancy to manage the vision of the city’s Crisis Skylight Centre, which offers accredited education, training and employment for homeless people.
It is home to the Crisis Skylight Café – providing work experience and the chance to gain vocational qualifications in the catering industry – and also Arts at the Old Fire Station, an independent arts company, which now has an auditorium, a gallery and studio spaces. Despite facing financial restrictions and a raft of time consuming obstacles, the project has revitalised a key city centre asset into a place of change for the whole community.

The vision for the project was to create a unique, dynamic and inspirational centre for creativity, skills development and enterprise in Bristol. Brought together under one roof in a “two organizations, one building” approach and through interconnected spaces, people from across the city will meet, learn, network, participate and ultimately move forward in their lives. The scope of the project remained broadly consistent throughout although there were some changes to ensure the widest flexible use of the theatre space, with the introduction of loose seating in lieu of the usual retractable seating.

Resources for the Old Fire Station redevelopment included the budget, time allocation and a high-level of human resource input. The financial resources to design and execute the building refurbishment were initially secured through a successful bid to the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) for Places of Change Programme (PCP) funding, secured by Crisis in conjunction with Bristol City Council. Each organization’s resource requirements were determined and aligned after the release of the building from the current leaseholder. As project managers, Allen Construction Consultancy developed, secured and managed the additional consultant and contractor resources to deliver the project.

Amid tight budgets, the uncertain economic climate and a limited time frame to complete the project, ACC delivered in the face of adversity. With the initial contractor ROK going into administration when a crucial part of the demolition work had already been carried out, swift action was needed to mitigate costs and delays. A robust plan was quickly put in place – leading to the appointment and commencement of a new contractor within weeks. Not only that, substantial amounts of asbestos were discovered on site despite the clear results of the initial asbestos survey. Again, decisive action helped to reduce the extent of the delay following the discovery of the ‘hidden’ asbestos.

Communication between the three parties involved – Crisis, Bristol City Council and Arts in the Old Fire Station – and project managers Allen Construction Consultancy was the key to success. Despite more than 200 people being part of the process, ACC delivered a comprehensive stakeholder and communications plan throughout the project to ensure effective management, integration and participation of all identified groups and individuals. Inevitably, with new organizations working together to deliver such a unique facility, there were inevitably stress points on relationships. However, the project environment ensured that views could be expressed at all levels. At regular meetings, differences were addressed and, via the continual positive reinforcement of the end vision, vital momentum and morale was maintained without major conflict.

The Old Fire Station in Bristol is now seen as an efficient, accessible and inspiring place that has been welcomed by all and meets the original vision. While enjoying an active role in Bristol’s arts and cultural offering, it also provides a springboard into education, training and employment for some of the city’s most marginalized residents. Centre users were involved throughout the project, painting and decorating hoardings of the building as well as providing artwork for the official opening.
This has given a platform to talented artists to develop their skills and, in the process, provided a fresh insight into the plight of the homeless and the wider community benefits that the Old Fire Station can bring. Allen Construction Consultancy believes the building is a real community asset that will help change lives, as well as providing a resource well beyond its physical accommodation.

1.    What do you believe to be the main management issues associated with the various aspects of this project? Who would you expect to be represented on the Project Board and how would you organize your management team?        (30 marks)

2.    Identify and analyse the main risks associated with the project. What actions would you take to avoid or mitigate the effect of the risks?        (40 marks)

3.    Devise Stakeholder Analysis Communication Strategy        (30 marks)



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