Posted: September 17th, 2017



the subject of the paper is Project management please do read the COURSEWORK BRIEF VERY VERY CAREFULLY AND TILL THE VERY END it explains everything  about HOW THE ASSIGNMENT HAS TO BE DONE AND HOW THE ESSAY REPORT SHOULD BE PRESENTED. The main thing are read the questions attached in the order instructions attached and answer the following questions given in the form of an essay. DO NOT RELY ON DATA GIVEN IN THE INSTRUCTION BRIEF DO LOOK FOR INFORMATION ON BOOKS, JOURNALS, AND ON THE INTERNET AND PROPERLY USING HARVARD REFERENCING.
The report structure is written in the attached order instruction so please make the essay according to that.
In the FIRST QUESTION  show the calculation along with the formulas and in the second part of the question use theories. in the SECOND QUESTION make sure have the NETWORK DIAGRAM OF THE WORK IN THE FORM OF PICTURE AS ITS VERY VERY ESSENTIAL and the Word limited provided excludes the table of contents and the bibiography list which will be attached in the bottom. the Word counts start from executive summary and ends at conclusion. if you have any problem regarding the essay please do contact me.
Apart of the instructions I will attached the network diagram and total float table as I already did so it can help you to compare with the work at the same time I wrote some important point to add in the essay.

Explanation of the coursework
Question 1 part ADO calculations, answers should base on the calculation.
Question 1 part B talk about thecapacity management approaches such as:
Leading strategy
Lagging strategy
Tracking strategy
And then choose 1 from the 3 approaches mentioned before , and justify and proof why hospitality needs to take that approach.
•    definition of the approach
•    how it adjust to hospitality situation
•    application of the concept
•    defined the concept
•    analysis- impact of the approach in the organization, short and long run – advantages and disadvantages
•    Evaluation- judgment,  if the approach is appropriated or not.

Question 2
Part A  DRAW the network diagram  and total float
Part B
I required choosing one action for example outsourcing and writing the meaning of the action (Harvard referencing from books).
Impact on 5 stakeholders and 1 of those should be employees
It necessary 5 paragraphs, each paragraph needs to have 1 stakeholder and what benefits they get from the project.


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