Posted: September 17th, 2017

Project Management of St.Luke Hospital

Project Management of St.Luke Hospital

General instructions for all assignments:
•    Prepare the assignment in a word processor document to upload on to the portal.
•    Your name and student number should be included in the footer of each page of the assignment document, and all pages should be numbered.
•    Start each question (if there are many) on a new page in the document and provide a heading for each question. Paginate your document so that it is neatly presented.
•    The assignment must be submitted on or before the due date specified by the college. There are penalties for late submissions.
•    Collusion and copying are not allowed. Each assignment must be done entirely by you. There are severe penalties for copying and collusion including loss of marks in the assignment, failing the entire subject or dismissal from the course.
•    Outside materials may be used in assignments but all such material must be quoted and referenced if included verbatim. In general you should present your ideas and understanding in your own words.
•    All written or essay type questions in this assignment are to be answered in writing using a word processor. Use a proportionally spaced font such as Times Roman 12 point for normal, essay-type written answers.
•    Referencing: Harvard Style
Report Structure:-

•    Title Page
•    Table of Content
•    Executive summary
•    Introduction
•    Question 1
•    Question 2

Question 1
St. Luke’s hospital currently has 4000 beds, 80% of which are reserved for patients requiring major treatment, though it uses only 70%. The hospital is currently building a new wing that will increase this capacity by 25%.  Once the new wing is completed, management has decided that 85% of this will be reserved for patients requiring major treatment and its actual usage could rise to 80%. The hospital management is absolutely certain that once the construction of this new wing is completed, it will be able to meet all forecast demand and also have enough spare to handle sudden emergencies.  You are required to calculate the following:
i.    Current Designed Capacity
ii.    Current Effective Capacity
iii.    Current Actual Output
iv.    Current Utilization
v.    Current Efficiency
vi.    Future Designed Capacity
vii.    Future Effective Capacity
viii.    Future Actual Output
ix.    Future Utilization
x.    Future Efficiency
10 Marks

(b)    Evaluate the approach the hospital seems to take to its capacity management
20 Marks
(30 marks)
LO3, LO4

Question 2
The hospital has constructed a table that has information on the activities involved in the construction of the new wing:

Activity    Weeks    Precedence
A    10    –
B    8    A
C    10    A
D    6    A
E    4    B
F    14    D and E
G    8    C
H    12    G
J    16    G
K    4    F and H
L    6    J
M    5    L

(a)    Draw the network diagram from the information in the table above and calculate the Total Float on each Activity
(30 Marks)
(b)    If activity F is delayed by 8 Weeks, will the project be delayed? If so, analyse one action that the Operations Manager could take to avoid exceeding the current length of the critical path
(30 marks)
LO1, LO2

Referencing, Structure and report presentation                        (10 marks)

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