Posted: September 17th, 2017

Project Report –Industrial Air Quality

Project Report –Industrial Air  Quality

The Project  Report will consist of a 11 page paper (plus reference) on the effects on air quality, and the

use and implementation of air quality control and regulations, in one industry or economic sector that

has large scale operations in this country or worldwide (i.e. auto manufacturing, petroleum refining,

hydraulic fracturing for oil exploration, harvesting of hardwoods in the rainforest, coal combustion

for power generation, computer product manufacturing, etc.; pretty much any industry of any

significance is fair game):
examine the industry of coal combustion for power generation.

Please focus primarily on pollution from the three primary categories of pollution we will focus on this semester:

(1) Criteria Pollutants (NOx, SOx, particulates, carbon monoxide, VOC’s),

(2) Toxic Air Pollutants (heavy metals like cadmium or hexavalent chromium, and

(3) Greenhouse Gases (carbon dioxide methane, N2O).

The paper should contain an examination and survey of the major sources (equipment, processes) of

air emissions from the industry being analyzed, the types of air pollutants emitted, the types of

controls available and in use, the health effects of those pollutants (including referring to case studies

of communities or environmental settings adjacent to some major sources), impact on world pollution

and climate change, and other socio-economic considerations.


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