Posted: October 19th, 2016

Provide information on the different types of taxes that may be payable by the company

Assessment Description By completing this assessment the learner will gather evidence of their ability, knowledge and skills to: ? complete lodgements and returns for legal entities ? assess taxation liabilities, optimise tax positions, establish processes and plans, evaluate tax policies and review tax compliance for legal entities. Written report consists of the following assessment methods: ­ Setting and reviewing business taxation simulations ­ Evaluating an integrated activity which combines the elements of the competencies Part A ? Written Report The Ethical Trading Group has continued to grow and become a more complex organisation. You (the learner) are the CFO of the Ethical Trading Group Pty Ltd. The Managing Director CEO has requested your assistance in relation to a few important matters. As the group has continued to grow, the Managing Director has asked you to present to the Board a written report about the tax plan (a plan to optimise the tax position of Ethical Trading Group) and an upcoming ATO audit. The Ethical Trading Group has received a notification from the ATO in regards to a scheduled audit. You (the CFO of the Ethical Trading Group) are to prepare a report to the Board to discuss the tax plan and the ATO audit. In your report on the tax plan and ATO audit for Ethical Trading Group Pty Ltd, address the matters raised in the Questions 1 to 4 below. Question 1 a) Provide information on the different types of taxes that may be payable by the company. b) Include a tax calendar highlighting key taxation lodgement due dates (for taxes identified in question 1a above) and any penalties to be levied for late lodgement. Please use a table format to

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