Posted: September 17th, 2017

Providing a competitive advantage for firms

Compile a report on a tourism sub-sector identifying:

a) What issues may be addressed by HR managers to provide a competitive
advantage for firms in the chosen sub-sector (the issues need to be seen
within the context of the sector).

b) An explanation of issues that may present problems in that particular subsector for HR managers in trying to implement changes proposed under (a).

c) Please ensure that your report also draws links specifically to Sennet’s1
(2009) view that in many firms, people on the shop floor or in front line
services are still involved in ‘Fordist’ repetitive tasks, working to a ‘blueprint’
devised by higher management which they have little ability to
influence or evolve apply to tourism employment?

It is important to remain sector specific in your report, i.e. you must link the HR issues to the nature/characteristics of the tourism industry. You should use real examples and/or case studies to support your argument.
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