Posted: September 17th, 2017

Psychobiography on an historical figure

Personality: Theory and Research. Published by Wiley.). Choose a well-known historical

figure and provide a 3-4 page (double-spaced) psychobiography. Provide some background

on the individual’s life and their personality according to the different personality

models that we have covered in the course. For instance, the individual personality

can be placed on the Big-5, Eysenck’s traits, and the interpersonal circumplex. You

may also choose to examine their personality development from a psychoanalytic

perspective. Problematic personality styles (e.g. perfectionism, dependency,

self-criticism, maladaptive cognitive styles) may be incorporated or, if applicable,

personality disorder. Completed psychobiographies should be submitted to the drop-box

in the lessons folder. Psychobiographies should be on historical figures and should

not include celebrities, pop stars, or serial killers. I have just read too many

psychobiographies on these people over the years. My advice would be to pick a

historical figure who has led an interesting life – it will make your task easier. Be

sure to use books or scholarly sources to obtain your information and cite in APA

style. Websites or documentaries are not acceptable sources.


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