Posted: September 18th, 2017

Psychology Test Selection Paper Psyc 421

Psychometric Evaluation of Test
Each student will evaluate 3 psychological tests that are not covered in the textbook or in class lectures. Utilize the Mental Measurement Yearbook found through the LibertyOnline Library to help you select your tests. You are expected to choose 3 different psychological tests and report on the psychometric properties of each test as well as explain why you chose the test. The evaluation should be approximately 2 pages in length for each test. Current APA format is expected.
This assignment will account for 200 points. Evaluations of each test will be graded on your coverage of the purpose and design of the test, psychometric properties of the test, the justification of why you choose the particular test, and the quality of your writing.

Psychometric Properties
1. Purpose: What is the purpose of the test (personality, screening, Marriage counseling, placement for children, etc.)? Who developed it and why? How is it used?
2. Type: Paper and pencil? Computer based? What kind of items (T/F, likert, etc)? What kind of score(s) do you get (percentile rank, z score, T, total and /or subscales?)
3. Norms & Administration: describe the normative sample. How is the test administered and scored? Who can purchase?
•Norming data: define both the number and the specific type of individuals included in the normative sample
4. R & V: reliability and validity information.
•Reliability data: correctly use the terms in the course to define the type of reliability reported and provide the specific numerical value of the reliability statistic
•Validity data: correctly use the terms for two types of validity and provide statistical or conceptual information for each

Why are you selecting this test for review? How is this relevant to what you are doing now and/or future career plans?

Writing & Citations
On the first page of each review, give the full reference for the test itself(author(s), date published/revised, name of test, and the publisher). In your evaluation, you will provide the reviewer’s information about the quality of the test. There are several sources for tests reviews, but the main ones are the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) or Test in Print (TIP). If the first source you choose does not have the information needed, find additional sources using the LUO Library.

The following information you need for the Test Selection Assignment, and the Test Evaluation Paper:
**A reference for a standardized test that is available through a publisher would look like this:
Kaufman, A. S., & Kaufman, N.L (1983a). Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC). Circle Pines, NH: American Guidance Service.

**A reference for the RBI would look like this, since it is NOT available through a publisher, but is only available through a journal article.
Eidelson, R. J., & Epstein, N. (1982). Cognition and relationship maladjustment: Development of a measure of dysfunctional relationship beliefs. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 50(2), 715-720.
In-text citations will be necessary to cite the reviewer(s) of each of the tests you review. Then, you should include a reference page with the full information about the test, as well as these reviewers’ references (probably from the MMY or TIP). Include both the reference for the test itself and the test reviews on the references page.
Here are the elements of the test review citation that would appear on the reference page.
1. Last name, first initial of author of the review
2. Year of MMY edition
3. Name of test being reviewed
4. Name(s) of the MMY editors
5. Title of the MMY edition
6. Indication that it is the electronic version of the MMY
7. Retrieved statement

Example of a citation to a test review

Anastasia, A. (1983). Test review of the K-ABC. In J.V. Mitchell, Jr. (Ed.), The ninth mental measurements yearbook [electronic version]. Retrieved from the Buros Institute’s Mental Measurements Yearbook online database.
In the text, you would cite Anastasia (1983) to refer to the review, and Kaufman if you were referring to information from the actual K-ABC administration manual or information from the publisher.
• Just a note of clarification: a test website should provide all the necessary psychometric information about the test, but you shouldn’t be using that site for the review of the test. That is where the MMY comes in. You need to look to the expert reviewers of a test for their opinion on the psychometric properties and utility of the test, not just the test creators’ perspective.

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