Posted: September 17th, 2017

Qualitative Article Analysis.

� State the research problem or issue in the study.
� State the hypothesis/questions or objectives. Were they stated clearly?
� What questionnaires/survey instruments were used to answer the problem?
� What was the population used in the study? Was there a sample used? If so, how was the sample selected? How many were in the sample?
� What were the statistical techniques used to analyze the data?
� Identify and report/discuss the model or models that are associated with the study or are developed from the study
� Summarize the results. How clearly were the results presented?
� What are the limitations of the study? Are they stated?
� Summarize the conclusion(s). Are the conclusions presented clearly? Does the data support the conclusions? Does the researcher over generalize the findings?
� How can the results and conclusions presented in this study be applied in your particular field of study or work environment?

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