Posted: September 17th, 2017

Quality management

1.Develop a fishbone diagram of the causes that lead to a defective gauge (see page 4 of the reading “Seven tools of quality” for an example fishbone diagram. At a minimum you should outline causes in this diagram that are shown in Exhibit 3 of Kathy (A).

2.Explain how the firm removes the variation due to tube travel (Exhibit 5 and 6 of Kathy A). Justify your answer with the mean and standard deviation (variance) calculated in Exhibi4 of Kathy B

3.Does Kathy’s stand jump around? Study Exhibit 2 first. Then compare the variances of Kathy’s stand in Exhitbit 3 and Exhibit 4 of Kathy B — what is the reason for this difference. How does this compare to Donna’s and Lonny’s stand? One notion that is useful in this case is the idea that variance of a compound process is the sum of the variances of individual parts (provided there is no correlation in the parts). In other words, Variance (AB) = Variance (A) + Variance (B) + 2 * Covariance (A,B) = Variance (A) + Variance (B) when Covariance (A,B) = 0

4.Suggest at least two other areas for improving quality strategy in this firm


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