Posted: September 17th, 2017

Questions on chapter 12 1nd 13/Classmate One Questions.

Questions on chapter 12 1nd 13/Classmate One Questions.

1) Choose a company that participates in corporate volunteerism. Describe in detail the events and/or actions they take to better their community. How does this volunteer work positively impact society? Do you think they need to do more?.
2)Some important customer service policies we went over in chapter 12 are: 1) Timeliness, 2) Reliability, 3)Customer communication, and 4) Ease of doing business. What are some real-life examples of each of these policies?
Classmate Two Questions
1.In the idea of corporate social responsibility, what factors or people do you believe are directly involved to be successful? Why?
2.How do you define corporate social responsibility? Highlight a company who is currently, in your opinion, doing a great job with this. What could make their efforts even more successful?

Required Task (one page essay)
Please answer two questions from the above four questions raised by classmates and refer to the reading material of the 2 chapters attached. Each answershould be no less than 130 words for each. I prefer one question from each classmate.

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