Posted: September 18th, 2017

Questions on the Federal Acquisition Regulation

1)  The administrative contracting officer can delegate certain administration functions to the procuring contracting officer (True or False).
2)  CORs are appointed by the _________.
   requiring activity
   contracting officer
   installation commander
   program manager
3)  A(n) __________ is a debt owed the Government if not paid in 30 days from the demand date.
   protest invoice
   progress payment
   late payment
4)  Which of the following types of payment procedures lists the criteria for a proper invoice in FAR 52.213-1?
5)  The metrics used to monitor contractor performance must be communicated to whom?
   All stakeholders
   Program manager
   Technical representatives
   Human resources representative
6)  You just awarded a contract. You only have minor details that need to be conveyed to the contractor, and the contractor has had previous experience in producing the items or providing the services. According to the course material, what type of post-award orientation would be a sufficient alternative to a formal meeting?
   face-to-face meeting
   combination of methods
7)  The use of no-setoff provisions may be appropriate to facilitate a national emergency or natural disaster. True or False.
8)  Identify a purpose of a post-award orientation.
   To provide an opportunity for suggesting amendments to the final agreement
   To achieve a clear and mutual understanding of the contract requirements
   To alter the final agreement so that it reflects any negotiations that lead to contract award
   To identify and resolve previous problems
9)  Which of the following are forms of relief provided by contract clauses or from the basic rights of government under commercial contract law?
   Government contract remedies
   Contract compliance assistance
   Non-compliance resolutions
   Contractor support remedies
10)  The approved invoice is submitted to the __________ in accordance with Prompt Payment Act, and within the time standards agreed upon between you and the certifying finance officer.
   finance office
   commander’s office
   program office
   receiving office
11)  Which of the following types of payment is the preferred financing method when a contracting officer finds them practical and a contractor agrees to their use?
12)  Which of the following factors would lead a contract administrator to determine that a post-award orientation is vital?
   Contractor has significant experience with few associated problems
   Contractor has fulfilled multiple government contracts
   Contract requires a relatively low degree of administration
   Potential risks have not been addressed within the contract
13)  According to FAR 42.1502, regardless of the date of contract award, at the time the work under the contract is completed, agencies shall prepare which of the following?
   Post-award conference report
    Customer satisfaction survey
   Price negotiation memorandum
   Contractor performance evaluation

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