Posted: September 18th, 2017

Race, orientalising & culturalism

Using subject readings and examples to explain race, orientalising, culturalism and relate to intercultural/international communication
Using subject readings, write an essay which explains race, orientalising, culturalismand illustrates them with an example from popular culture.

Identify three ways in which these relate to intercultural/international communication. The focus for the assessment is evidencing understanding of the core concepts, the readings, intercultural communication rather than a detailed account of the example from popular culture.

The purpose of the assessment is to demonstrate understanding of at least three concepts from the subject using subject readings and the issues these raise for intercultural/international communication. Examples can include books (fiction or non-fiction); current, cult, or classic movies; documentaries; television shows; episodes of a soap opera; lyrics of songs, artworks or exhibitions; plays or performances; tourism guidebooks or inflight airline magazines etc.

Quality of understanding of at least three core concepts from the subject
Quality of application of core concepts to examples used to illustrate concepts
Quality of analysis of concepts in relation to wider context of intercultural/international communication
Use of at least five readings off the subject

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