Posted: September 18th, 2017

Realm Comparison Project

Realm Comparison Project
The Realm Comparison is your final project. For this project, you will write a report and prepare a presentation comparing two realms across various geographic themes.
Report: The report audience is an international authoritative body: international development NGO, multinational corporation, environmental nonprofit, political assembly, etc. You will compare and contrast the two realms, and make recommendations on future interaction between the realms to meet that authoritative body’s goals and mission.
Presentation: You will present your report in a PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi presentation that includes recorded audio narration. Presentations will be graded on content, format, and presentation skills.

Step 1: Select 2 of the following geographic realms to compare:
• Europe
• Russia
• North America
• Middle America
• South America
• Sub-Saharan Africa
• North Africa/South-West Asia
• East Asia
• Pacific Realm

Step 2: Select an international authoritative body to whom you will submit your report; I provide several options below. You may select your own international authority not listed below, however I must confirm any selection that is NOT part of the list.
• Social development
o United Nations Development Program
o United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
o Other UN programs and funds…do not select the United Nations a whole! Too broad.
o Millennium Development Corporation
o Global Fund for Women
• Environmental
o World Wildlife Fund
o Sierra Club
o Conservation International
o World Resource Institute
o Greenpeace
o Friends of the Earth
o The Nature Conservancy
o United Nations Environment Programme
o Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
• Energy and natural resources
o International Energy Agency (IEA)
o Organization for the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
o United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO)
• Health or Humanitarian
o International Rescue Committee
o United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
o World Health Organization
o Oxfam International
o Amnesty International
o American Red Cross
• Banking/investment/trade
o The World Bank
o The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
o Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
o The World Trade Commission
o World Economic Forum
o United Nations World Tourism Organization
• Corporation
o Royal Dutch/Shell Group
o Toyota Motor
o General Electric
o Wal-Mart Stores
o Samsung Electronics
• Political
o United Nations Security Council
o United Nations International Refugee Organization
Research the international authority you choose. Provide an introduction to the group you select, including its history, its goals and mission, and how your two realms are involved.

Step 3: Compare and contrast your 2 geographic realms along any 3 of the following geographic themes:
• Political
• Economic
• Health and wellness
• Religious
• Cultural/ethnic
• Environmental (use of natural resources, environmental protection, environmental degradation)
• Demographic (male: female ratio, demographic transition, birth rates, death rates, fertility rates, migration trends, population clusters, etc.)

You may use examples of specific regions and/or countries within your two realms to make comparisons and contrasts. However your analysisshould not be limited to ONLY one or two countries in each realm.

Step 4: Realm interaction and recommendations:
Make recommendations to your international authority on the extent to which the two realms should interact into the future. These recommendations should align to meet the needs of the authoritative body’s goals and mission. For example, how will increased or decreased interaction meet the specific goals and mission of your audience? What will that interaction look like? Provide specific examples of increased or decreased interactions (ex: trade, political unions, supranationalism, devolutions, migrations, adaptation or mitigation efforts, environmental treaties, humanitarian assistance, etc.) that you are suggesting. Will both realms benefit from your suggested plan? If so, how? If not, who benefits and who does not?Support your recommendations with the information and data you found across the geographic themes on each realm.

Your report should include the following:
1. Cover page: paper title, full name, date
2. Introduction (at least 1 page)
Describe the two realms you chose and where they are located in the world.
Describe the international authority you chose (history, goals and mission, involvement with your two realms.
3. Compare/contrast the two realms across geographic theme #1 (at least 1 page)
4. Compare/contrast the two realms across geographic theme #2 (at least 1 page)
5. Compare/contrast the two realms across geographic theme #3 (at least 1 page)
6. Interaction between the realms and your recommendations for the future (at least 1 page)
7. Bibliography (cite your sources)

Report conditions
• Minimum length: 5 pages (not including cover page, bibliography, or any photos/graphs/figures)
• Double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12. Do not double space in between paragraphs.
• 1 inch margins (not 1.5 or 1.25!)
• Number pages
• You must cite all non-original material with external sources. Use the lectures, textbook and scholarly sources for information on each realm. You must include at least two scholarly sources (not the lectures or the textbook) and two non-scholarly sources for your project. Check with me and/or review the PowerPoint called Scholarly Source Review if you are unsure whether a source is “scholarly.” Remember: great search engines include and Google Scholar.
• Sources should be cited using APA style including author’s last name, date article was published, and (if a direct quote) the page number. If not a direct quote, no page number is needed.
• Support your statements with specific examples from the realm. Do not give general summaries of the geographic themes. Specific examples include facts, statistics, quotes, and paraphrased ideas of what you find in your research. These must all be cited in the paper as well as in the bibliography.
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