Posted: September 17th, 2017

Reducing Energy Consumption in existed and poorly designed Concrete/Brick Buildings.


Abstract/ Direction of study:
Buildings can be designed to require far less than the energy of today’s average. Reducing energy consumption of existed concrete buildings in hot and humid climates by using natural energy sources is the main concern of this study. In this matter, design strategies in terms of energy efficiency is considered based on openings, material, color and surface selection and by taking advantages of passive cooling strategies and ventilation. The study aims to find solution to enhance the conditions of poorly designed buildings and to show its impact on its occupants.
The physical comfort we feel in a building is the result of the heating energy balance between ourselves and the surrounding spaces. In hot and humid regions in order to keep the inside of a building thermally pleasant, solar gain and heat conduction into the building should be minimized. In existed concrete and brick buildings, it will be difficult to control heat gain without promoting ventilation, evaporation, earth cooling, or radiant cooling systems. Therefore, there should be solutions to re-render the inside of a building to be thermally comfortable and consume less energy. Some of these solutions are material selection for both the facades of the building and the interior spaces. Second, colors and surface play major roles on transforming the environment of the interior spaces. Furthermore, openings, surface condition and type affect and change significantly the consumption of energy.

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