Posted: September 18th, 2017

Reflection on Disposition

Journal Entry One: New Strategies for Curriculum and Instruction
Your short essay should:
 Use citations from the research when applicable.
 Use professional writing protocols.  Use professional language.

• How will understanding the achievement cycle change how you plan and deliver instruction?

• How can you align your lesson plans more closely to required national and state standards?

• Of the aspects of curriculum planning that you have learned, which will be most useful to you?

• How and when will you implement changes you want to make in curriculum? • What types of assessment do you use most often?

• How will you change the way you assess student progress?

Journal Entry Two: Changing How We Teach

• Which student-centered activities have you used successfully in the past?

• Which of the instructional strategies you have learned will be most useful to you?

• How do you expect your classroom environment to change when you implement changes in curriculum and instruction?

• What benefits do you anticipate from using standard-based curriculum plans and assessments?

• How can you work with colleagues to broaden the scope of these benefits?

Journal Entry 3:
Journal Entry Three: Preparing Students for the 21st Century

• In what specific ways can you better prepare your students for the challenges they will face in the future?

• How can you tailor your instruction to serve the diverse needs of your students?

• How do you expect your students to react to higher expectations and a more rigorous curriculum?

• What strategies will you use to help students adapt to changes in your class? • What is your vision for your students?

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