Posted: December 4th, 2014

reflective argument

reflective argument

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Reflective Argument/Portfolio
The Reflective Argument asks you to (re)read your writing throughout the semester in order to assess what you’ve accomplished.To complete this project, you’ll choose

texts you’ve written for this course to create a portfolio, and you’ll draft a reflective argument that analyzes these texts. A portfolio is a set of pieces chosen

from a larger group to highlight the author’s skills. Your portfolio should support your reflective argument, which will describe, cite, and analyze your portfolio

texts to show how well you’ve fulfilled each course learning outcome. In your reflective argument, you will cite passages from the work you completed throughout the

semester in ENG3010 that best demonstrates your accomplishments in relation to the course learning outcomes.

You’ll need to demonstrate how your skills have developed across several pieces of your writing and thus show your progress in achieving the learning outcomes. Cover

each one. Note that one text might illustrate your work on several learning outcomes and, on the other hand, you may need to discuss several texts to document your

accomplishments related to a single outcome. Describe how your ideas, skills, and use of the writing process evolved across several texts you wrote for the course. Use

the competency rankings on the portfolio scoring rubric to show how effectively you’ve achieved each outcome. Explain how the outcomes relate to each other.

Your goal is to produce an accurate assessment of your growth and skills, rather than to show only your strengths. Provide a clear picture of your accomplishments and

your growth areas. Explain as specifically as you can how you’ll use the skills and knowledge gained in this course in future writing situations.

Assignment Prompt
Write a Reflective Argument of 8-10 pages that analyzes your work in ENG3010 in relation to the course learning outcomes (see below). The essay should make an argument

about how you’ve achieved the outcomes supported by evidence drawn from your ENG3010 writings.
ENG3010 Learning Outcomes:
Read: Analyze genres from the student’s discipline or profession, including their associated discourse community, audience(s), rhetorical situations, purposes, and

Write: Use a flexible writing process and varied technologies to produce texts that address the expectations of the student’s disciplinary or professional discourse

community in terms of claims, evidence, organization, format, style, rhetorical situation, strategies, and effects by drawing on an explicit understanding of the

genre(s) being composed.
Research: Write research genres, use research methods, and conduct primary and secondary research to produce an extended research project relevant to the student’s

discipline or profession.
Reflect: Use reflective writing to describe developing knowledge about writing (especially writing in one’s discipline or profession) and about oneself as a writer

(including one’s ability to plan, monitor, and evaluate one’s writing process and texts).
Learning Objectives
Use focused reflection to develop metacognition of your writing process and product


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