Posted: September 17th, 2017

Religion and Theology

Congregations come in all different sizes. Should one’s approach to effective ministry differ according to the size of the congregation? If so, how and why? How does ministry differ in small churches versus that in megachurches?

As per statistics, there are more than thirteen hundred Protestant churches in the United States that fit the label of “megachurch” (having a weekly attendance of over two thousand people). Many pastors of smaller churches look at the megachurches with wonder, trying to figure out how they can attract more people to Sunday worship services.

In this assignment, you will research a well-known megachurch of your choice. Your research should identify the number of members, the staff size, the average weekly attendance, and types and numbers of ministries in which the church engages. Also, make note of some of the demographics of the church, including diversity and socioeconomic makeup. Do these numbers reflect the surrounding community, or does the church draw most of its members from the wider community?

Write a 3 page paper on the challenges and opportunities of megachurch ministry. In your research and reflection, consider the question, what can small church congregations learn from megachurches?

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