Posted: September 18th, 2017


You own a restaurant and you would like to send 5 employees to go to college in torontoÂ

the courses are located at George brown , centennial  and humber


you must choose the course and research the followingÂ


– length of program

-decribe 2 course (example:a baking course and a cooking course )

-what skills will they learn in program



you must tell ur employees to choose which program they want in an netting

-you must also tell they must sign a contract and if they leave they will have to pay you back

-you must ask them to help your business to be successful

Summary statement : decribe program -5 sentences

ex:improve my employees skills

my business going popularity and profitÂ


Background : why are you doing this -5 sentencesÂ

 ex :to keep up with the trendy food choice of torontoÂ

Fact: describe both school in detailÂ

Action: outline the contract and the employees must book a meeting with you to explain which choice they have made


contact info-4 sentencesÂ

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