Posted: September 17th, 2017

Report on business research project

Report on business research project

it is a business research report, subject named RETAIL MANAGEMENT, which should be 3000 words. this whole report is due on 16th August, 2015 and before doing that report i also supposed to submit a draft which is worth of 10%, final report worth 30%, and in last we also suppose to do a group presentation on this report which is worth of 10%, which Is very important. and so that is why i request you to please use as simple language as you can, so that i can understand each and every thing, and please make sure it will not be plagiarized.
thank you

here is the description of the report:

Team Project:

Part 1: Draft (10%)

Part 2: Final Report (30%)

Part 3: Presentation Business research project (10%)

For the team project, which is also presented to the class during the last session, students need to address the following topic and prepare a 3,000 word assignment: (it includes draft and report both should be 3000 words)

Retailing in (you can choose from: any country in the Asian Pacific Region). In this assignment you need to explain in depth how retailing differs in your country of choice from Australia. If you choose this assignment you will preferably
be well acquainted with the country of your choice through being born there or having lived there. It is also possible to do this assignment without having visited the country but you will then need to rely more on published material. The types of differences that may be relevant would examine topics such as: are there shopping centres in the same form as we have in Australia? If not, how do they differ? Are there supermarkets that are the same as those in Australia? If not how do they differ? – for example, in Malaysia beer and
wine may be purchased in the supermarket along with other products rather than being separated as in Australia. The department stores and discount stores that we know in Australia such as David Jones, Myers, Target, K Mart and so on may be different in other countries. Try to identify all the differences you can and explain how these differences affect the retailing of products in the country of your choice. point for your research.

DRAFT: Due in Week 5
You will be required to submit a draft in Week 5 tutorial, which will be worth 10%. Make sure that you have listed all the headings and subheadings in the draft so that the lecturer can see what you are proposing to undertake. This will assist you in preparing a comprehensive report that will help you to obtain a better mark.

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