Posted: September 18th, 2017

Report on Fashion Product Life Cycle

Choose a garment from your wardrobe. (garment picture will be attach) (it is leather jacket from Karen Millen)

Investigate the environmental impact of this garment using the principles of Life Cycle Thinking.
Use existing Life Cycle Analysis statistics and research (available online) to develop an approximation of the Life Cycle Impacts of the entire life of your garment.
Your report should include an Executive Summary and explore the life cycle impacts in detail under the headings Resource Extraction, Manufacture, Packaging and Transport, Use, End of Life.
The final presentation of your report should have a visual element to it. (Using graphs, illustrations, tables, graphics, or whatever suits your style and illustrates your research well.)
because there is a presentation that need to illustrate from the research, please also do the graph or table or anything that is required.

Marks will be allocated evenly to the following:
Accuracy and relevance of information Depth of research and referencing
Use of critical thinking, logic and coherence Spelling, grammar and writing style
Report presentation
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