Posted: September 17th, 2017

: Report on the critical evaluation of 10 Websites in 5 groups (types) for a business manager


– You should determine (approximately 10-15) evaluation criteria based on the principles and guidelines for building effective e-commerce Websites and the business models discussed in the unit materials and gained from your own research. While there are criteria that are common for all e- commerce websites, there may be different criteria relevant to different types (groups) of sites.

– You should discuss the difference. Your criteria should be objectively applicable.

– You should evaluate the Websites according to the above determined criteria by comparing the sites in the same group, and between different groups. It is recommended to use tables where possible for concise presentation.

– You should identify major strengths and weaknesses of each site, and provide recommendations for the design and development of the sites to improve their performance.

You have to follow the Marking criteria:
The following marking criteria should assist you in completing your assignment:
5% Report structure, presentation and layout
5% Logical structure, organisation of information within report
10% Spelling and grammar
10% Factual material and accuracy of data
15% Own appraisal and logical reasoning
15% Accurate comparisons using tables or similar
15% Originality, academic rigour, synthesis of ideas, cohesion
15% Thoroughness of research
10% Reference and citation style (Harvard style).

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