Posted: September 17th, 2017

Requirement for project water shortage

Requirement  for  project water shortage

Project: managing water shortage

Two factors are driving the increasing likelihood of water shortages in New Zealand water supplies:
•    climate change increasing the frequency and duration of droughts in some areas
•    demographic change which in many areas is leading to an increase in population and therefore an increase in demand for water.
Shortages of water caused by climatic conditions are likely to be of relatively short duration and have a relatively rapid onset.  Shortages caused by demographic change will be slower in developing but will be enduring.  These two types of water shortage can be addressed in different ways.
Information wanted from this project
This project aims to identify how territorial authorities (TAs) in New Zealand are presently managing short-term, rapid-onset water shortages through the information provided on their websites.
The questions this project wishes to find answers to are:
1.    What water conservation measures are described in the literature, ie not including the websites of NZ TAs?
Then in relation to TA websites:
2.    Does the TA provide information on its website that is designed to minimise the likelihood of water shortages, ie water conservation?
3.    Where water conservation advice is provided, what is the detail of the advice?  Identify general categories of advice being given, eg related to gardening, related to activities in the house, etc., and place each piece of detailed advice in one of these categories.
4.    Does the TA have a system for introducing water restrictions?
5.    What criteria does the TA use for deciding when to introduce water restrictions and for increasing the level of restrictions?  Note if criteria are not provided.
6.    What level of restrictions/water alert were in place (indicated on the website) when the survey was done (record the date)?
7.    Do TAs that do not have a system for water restrictions in place explain why they don’t?  What is their reason?
8.    Are water restrictions imposed on everybody in the community, or just certain groups (eg residental customers or non-residential customers)?
9.    Identify whether each water conservation measure is voluntary or compulsory
10.    Is water metered in the water supply?  Are there plans for metering water?
11.    Are charges made for water based on the volume of water used by a customer?  Are there plans to charge for water in future?
12.    Determine factors influencing the likelihood of water shortage:
a)    Population served by each supply
b)    Geographical location
c)    Projected increase in population in the TA/community supplied over the next 10 years – percentage increase, percentage decrease, static
d)    Estimated daily use of water (per person)
e)    Estimated volume of water daily abstracted from the water supply’s sources.

How we wish the information gathered through the study to be presented
In addition to an analysis of the information gathered and a discussion of the analysis, we wish to have the information contained in a searchable electronic form (eg spreadsheet or database).
For the hardcopy report, we need a separate table for each TA providing all the information collected for that TA.
The report should contain a summary table recording the key information for each TA (eg general categories of advice give, whether the TA has a system for water restrictions, is water metered, is water charged for).
The report should contain a table recording statistics of the information collected to provide the basis for discussion.


You should Write 1200 words
You should write briefly about water shortage in world .then Write specifically about  water shortage in  New Zealand in terms of,  factors of water shortage ( drought and demographic change) , the problems of these factors NZ , how these factors happen ?.write about water conservation in NZ  and  concentrate about  WHY  territorial authorities (TAs) have water conservation  method like: water conservation advice, water restriction ,water meter and water charges. You should write about how these method will reduce the risks of water shortage.

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