Posted: September 18th, 2017

Research Article Analysis Answer 5 questions (t-test)

Use the article that you attached see below. 

Bosch, P.R., Poloni, J., Thornton, A., & Lynskey, J.V. (2012). The heart rate response to Nintendo Wii Boxing in young adults.  Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal, 23(2), 13-18, 29.

Review the sections on the data analysis, results, and discussion sections with emphasis on the t-test reported. Then, respond to the following questions (copy and paste questions into your word doc. Use a different font for question and answers).

  • What type of t-test did the researchers use in this study and for what variables?
  • Why was this particular type of t-test used
  • Was the t-test reported appropriate to the level of measurement of the variables?
  • What were the p values and were the results statistically significant?
  • Were the results appropriately interpreted by the researchers

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