Posted: September 17th, 2017

research essay

research essay

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Assignment 5
1. Consider the following scenario: major top-down, nationally imposed, non-negotiable change has to be implemented in the curriculum at an educational institution, training site or learning context known to you. This change affects the learning in this organisation/site.
2. Imagine four people, one from each of the four positions presented in Part 2 of the Study Guide– positivism, interpretivism, constructivism, critical research – discussing this change and the issues that it presents for them.

Task 3
3. For each of these four positions, identify a research question appropriate to the paradigm and explain how this research question would be enacted, i.e. what data would need to be produced. (approx. 2000 words)

Task 4
4. Using what you have learned from the Study Guide, including the embedded readings and previous assignments, identify and explain the differences there might be between the positions held by the four colleagues. (approx. 2500 words)

Task 3
5. In arguing for the different positions, did you feel that you would align yourself with any one position? Explain your reasons for any compatibility. If you did not align yourself with any one position, explain why you found it difficult to take up a personal position (approx. 500 words).

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