Posted: September 18th, 2017

Research Methods For Business Questions Essay

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Case study and course introduction uploaded

Task 1: Read the case study. Note the referencing style in text and at the end of the article. Obtain any two of the references listed at the end of the article-reflecting skill of reference search technique. Read and reflect on the article and answer the following questions based on the information obtained from the article.

Task 2:
Q1 In the case study identify at least 2 research questions that the researchers had identified and attempted to answer.

Q2 What are the 2 alternative solutions that the researchers have proposed to solve the question proposed in the case study?

Q3 What was the impact if any of the implementation of the proposed solution on the issue discussed in the paper?

Q4 Conduct an online research and explain the IDN and GDSN technologies. Give proper references from where you have obtained the information.

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