Posted: September 17th, 2017

research of the relation between MBS's issuance size and housing market bubble

The master thesis should be formatted in Times New Roman 12 (or equivalent) with 1.5 line spacing and 2.5cm margins. Text should be justified. In text-references and the bibliography should use the Harvard system of referencing.
The project includes the following materials and sections:
—Title page
The title page should conform to the appropriate format as specified the document provided on the Knowledge platform. The title and subtitle must be exact as previously approved.

—Keywords and abstract (150 words) in English:
A one-page abstract containing the following information:
· Year:
· FIRST NAME (Given name)
· Title:
· Keywords: (Up to ten keywords)
· Supervisor:
· Sponsoring organization and contact person (if applicable)

—Preface and/or dedication and/or acknowledgments (The preface is used primarily to mention matters of background necessary for an understanding of the subject that does not logically fit into the text. It is customary to include a brief expression of the author’s appreciation of help and guidance received in the research. The preface is not the same as an introduction, which is a part of the main body of the thesis.)

—Table of contents: The table of contents contains the headings and subheadings of the chapters and sections of the thesis with the numbers of the pages on which these chapters and sections begin. All headings should correspond exactly in wording, arrangement, punctuation, and capitalization with the headings as they appear in the body of the dissertation.
The number of the page on which the division begins in the text of the thesis is given in the table of
contents. Double spacing is used except for over-run lines, which are single-spaced.

—Executive summary (2 or 3 pages): After writing up the final draft you need to write an executive summary which should be placed up front, just after the table of contents. In this summary you have to summarize the whole report; problem, method and findings.

—List of tables, figures: If the report contains charts, figures, maps, tables, photographs, or other types of material, each series of these should be listed separately in an appropriate list on the page or pages immediately following the table of contents. Each such list should appear on a separate page. In format, such lists should follow the general style of the table contents. Tables, figures, etc. should be numbered according to their chapter and position in the chapter. Thus figure 2.10 is the tenth figure in chapter two.

—Body of text: The report properly begins with the first page of the first chapter section. Each chapter or section should represent an important division of the thesis. Each chapter should have a title identifying the subject contained therein. Typically, a thesis contains the following chapters:
· Introduction
· Literature Review
· Methodology
· Results
· Discussion and Implications

—Reference list: The References section should typically contain only the works consulted and found relevant and thus cited by the author in the report. The inclusion of an irrelevant item is as much a defect as the exclusion of a relevant one. Each item should be a full reference in the standard order specified in Appendix 2c of these notes. All references should be listed in alphabetical order (and numerical order for several references of the same author).

—Appendix or appendices (if any)
The final document should include an introduction and a conclusion of at least 2 pages in length each.

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