Posted: September 17th, 2017

research paper

textbook for this class is Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing. Compact 7th Edition by X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. (ISBN: 978-0-205-22941-3).

This essay will be a thesis-driven, research-supported essay on the play Fences. Your purpose is to make an original argument and support it with evidence. Your intended audience is an academic one; therefore, tone, language and style should be appropriate for an academic audience.
Format: Double-spaced and indented paragraphs; standard font (Times New Roman); standard print size (12), standard margins (1�). Give essay a unique title.
Length: Minimum length requirement is six pages. Maximum length is 8 pages. The Works Cited page does not count towards page count. If you feel you need to go beyond this maximum, you may do so but only if it enriches the analysis.
Develop a thesis (in your own words) and subsequent analytical essay supporting that thesis:
How does Troy�s character changes over the course of the play? Create an essay where you trace and discuss the complete character arc of Troy Maxson. In your conclusion, is Troy a modern tragic hero, a villain, or a combination of these types?

1)Research Step #1 (100-200 words. If you go over this word count slightly, it is fine).
First, fully review the criteria and objective for the Research Essay for Fences, which acts as your final project. This can be accessed by clicking under Essay Submissions in our course menu. Then, write a paragraph or two which contains a short summation of the objective of the assignment (in your own words) so that you demonstrate a full understanding of what is to be accomplished/analyzed within the essay. Please note that you do not need to summarize all of the thesis options given�just be sure to include in your summation that students have a variety of topic/thesis ideas to choose from; b) Briefly describe how you might approach this assignment in terms of a research process. You can discuss if you annotate the text, create note cards, brainstorm, do preliminary research to see what kinds of valid articles are published on this play, develop a preliminary/�working� thesis, outline etc. Please note that this part of the assignment is just a discussion of your approach and the strategies you use (so, for example, you do not need to provide a working thesis yet. Just perhaps list some steps you plan on taking.)

2)Research Process Step 2 :submit your proposed thesis statement for the research essay on Fences. Again, it is a proposed or “working” thesis that you may continue to revise. Submit thesis within an attached Word document.

As mentioned in the criteria for the Research essay, thesis statements should be analytical in nature, avoid the use of first person, the “announcement tone,” and can be 1-3 sentences in length.

3))Research Process Step 3: Class, please find one outside research article from one of PGCC�s library databases (see suggested databases in the criteria for the Research paper) that could be used for your essay. Please note that you may select the article used for this week’s discussion board. This is highly recommended. Write a short paragraph stating how you feel extracted direct quotes and paraphrases from this article could help support your thesis and therefore, enrich your analysis. Please include the name of the article, the author (if given), and the PGCC database. Submit this paragraph as an attached Word document.

research step 1 and 2 should be on the one page, it should be differentiated. Please i need step 1 and 2 tomorrow so that i can submit it to my Prof’ so that she can tell me if i am on the right track. Thanks

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