Posted: September 17th, 2017

Research paper about Media Stereotyping in Traditional and New Media

2 page essay on the positive or negative impact of stereotyping in media. At the end of the paper, a reader would gain new insight into how media portray a certain race, a culture, a religion, a gender, an occupation, or a sexual orientation in a certain way. And, whether or not that stereotype gives some positive or mostly negative impressions to people.


1. Choose a subject that gets stereotyped in media (radio, music, TV, film, magazines, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
Examples: African Americans in sitcoms
Women in detective TV shows
Muslims in films
British on public TV
Professors in novels
Athletes in reality shows
Gays in music
Moms on Facebook

2. Outline/conduct research project
a. Literature review (what scholars/news media say about the topic)
b. Research questions (what 2 things do you want to find out: how stereotyped and if negative)
c. Methodology (content or textual analysis of 1 typical program)
d. Results (answer the research questions)
e. Discussion (come up with 2-3 things you can conclude about the topic)

3. Write paper
a. Lit review (2-3 paragraphs)
b. Research questions (1 paragraph)
c. Methodology (1 paragraph – explain what/how you analyzed subject
d. Results (2-3 paragraphs �list the things you found out
e. Discussion (2-3 paragraphs � conclude with suggestions for understanding stereotypes)

This is the requirement to do the paper, write about the films and make it Very basic writing and simple vocab because im an international student and english is my 3rd language.


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