Posted: September 17th, 2017

Research Report

Title Page: 1 page

Letter of Transmittal: 1 page

Executive Summary: 1 page

Body with section headings: 5-7 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations: 1 page

Bibliography: 1-2 pages

Glossary (optional): 1 page

Appendix (optional): 1 page

References: Provide at least 10 references in the Bibliography; use footnotes or parenthetical citations to document information.

Potential Audience: Your primary readers will be the company CEO; the VP for Human Resources (HR), members of the Board of Directors, the company CFO (Chief Finance Officer), company employees, and possibly the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Backqround and Scenario: The scenario for writing assignments #1, #2, and #3 continue.

The company CEO has approved your proposal. Now is time to get to work on the report (Writing Assignment #7)


Using your proposal as a starting point, develop the Business Report with Recommendations (Writing Assignment #3) that you proposed.

Use the format in Chapter 18 of the text for your report (see the guidance above, also, for format and length).

As with your proposal, use document design techniques, diagrams, photos, and other visuals to comply with the CEO’s guidance.

NOTE: This proposal and the Report  is an individual, not a group assignment, but you are encouraged to share resources and discuss any phase of the report with classmates. See the “Discuss Paper #7” thread for an area to discuss this project!

REMINDER: Continue to use the hypothetical company and the country you selected for writing assignment #1 (Memo with documented research).

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