Posted: September 17th, 2017

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Please read the   Scenario in order to answer the questions for assessment four.

Part A
Complete the following Resource Planning Chart:
The Objective
What must be done and by when?    How
How will it be done?
(the tasks involved, the stages / key points)
Resources Required
Who will do each task?
What is needed for each task?    What If?
Any potential problems?
Any potential issues with co-ordination?
How will the tasks be measured?

Part B
Referring to Assessment Four, complete a resource capability matrix for the Merrick’s current team. Merrick has one employee who has only 3 months experience, but the other 5 have been with the organisation for many years and can do all the positions in the department. One of them even fills in for Merrick when he is on leave.
Fill in the matrix as best you can with the information provided.
Team Member:    Capability
Accounts Receivable     Capability
Accounts Payable    Capability
Debt collection    Capability
Reception    Capability
Team leadership    Capability
Account management

Question 1
Who will Merrick need to consult with, and then who will the proposal be referred to?

Question 2
Looking at these “Keys to success”, if you were Merrick, how would you address each one?

Question 3
What are the risks associated with Merrick’s plan?

Part C
Review the job description provided for one of the roles in Merrick’s team.

Question 1
What questions would you want to ask in an interview?

Question 2
What information are you seeking, and why?

Consider three core activities of Merrick’s team.  What non-human resources will be required?  What is the source of these resources?  Is there a suitable alternative source?
Complete the following table:
Activity    Non-human resources required    Source of resources    Alternative source and additional benefits of the alternative
1. Processing accounts receivable    MYOB accounting program    MYOB via IT department    Xero account program offered at a cheaper rate with a better customer service program.


Question 3
If you were Merrick what tools would you use to design and instigate effective monitoring for an operational plan he is are implementing?

Question 4
What are the areas of Merrick’s operational plans that most need monitoring?

Question 5
Think about Merrick’s workplace, what might be the causes of poor performance, especially in the next few months?

Manage operational plan
Assessment 4
Read the following scenario:
Merrick walks out of the meeting, exhales deeply and heads straight for his desk. He needs to start writing things down!
The boss just sprung a big surprise. The organisation Merrick works for has just entered into an agreement to buy another company. Currently based in Sydney, Merrick’s department manages accounts payable and receivable for the entire east coast. Besides himself there is an accountant and two assistant accountants, a collections officer and an admin officer.  The new deal involves the takeover of a West Australian organisation and means the department’s workload will double as this will now be the national head office.
From what he gathered at the meeting there will be a budget to expand their staffing and resources but it will not be huge. He is hoping to get at least one new fulltime assistant and maybe a part-time accountant.
As manager of a department Merrick is to play a key role in the team which is planning the transfer of operations. Accounts department is one of the first areas to be combined. The planning brief includes planning for the section’s technical, communication and human resource needs; refurbishing and expanding the office; risk and disaster management, assessment and planning.
The transfer team were told to think outside the box in order to produce a viable plan within time and budget constraints.
The list in his head seems endless. They need to reallocate duties and redesign jobs, find and train additional staff, upgrade IT, redesign the office layout, purchase all the necessary equipment and on and on it goes. The list will be long.
The stock market will be informed on Monday and as soon as the official announcement is made Merrick can brief his team on the finer points. He starts another list of all the things he wants to tell them, and how to best present the news.  He will need their help and support as there will be many plans within the operational plan and he needs them all to know what is going on so the transition will be smooth when the time comes.

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