Posted: September 17th, 2017

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

In advance of class in week 4 students should locate a source on their group topic to class that will be incorporated into the group presentation. This source could be a primary or a secondary source. If it is a primary source students should ensure it is a reputable source of information (ie. newspaper article, map, statistical report). If it is a secondary source it must be scholarly (ie. peer reviewed journal article, chapter from an edited book).

use a newspaper article, please use a newspaper article (preferably american newspaper) and link it to me as early as possible.

Students must then write a 400-word summary of this source outlining its connection to the group presentation topic and how it might be useful in the presentation. What kind of information does it include? Does it present an argument about the topic? You will present the information in this summary to your group in class in week 4 and then submit a print out of the document to your seminar leader at the end of class. Please ensure your name and student number are on the document.

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